Re-Acquisition, Sale for Development and Letting of units - Forsyth Road Woking


Reddin-Clancy bought back the Cookson Facility Investment on Forsyth Road Woking for Cooksons.  They then went on to sell the site for development by Goya Developments.  Following development Reddin-Clancy were appointed agents on the resulting units at Orchard Business Park. 


Site Bought Back For Cooksons 

Reddin-Clancy - Acquisition of Cookson Facility

Site then Sold on by Reddin-Clancy to Goya Developments 


Reddin-Clancy - Sale of the site to developers

Developed site then let by Reddin-Clancy 

Reddin-Clancy - Letting Agents on the developmentReddin-Clancy - Letting agents on the Orchard Business ParkReddin-Clancy - letting agents on Orchard Business Park